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There will soon be an all-site activity check from now until Halloween. For those of you who don't celebrate Halloween, it's October 31'st, so don't eat candy then come back to see that you have been deleted for inactivity! Too many members have been ignoring the fact that this website exists. Go to Forums>Activity Checks>September-October 2016 and read the instructions. All members who have NOT posted will be deleted. Please make sure you fill out the form! 


All materials on this website are copyright! Please do not copy anything from this website, including Site Name, Page Names, and pictures. Although those three aren't the only things you may not copy, those are the most important things. Thanks for reading this message. 

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Welcome to Lost Clans Warriors! 

Hello and welcome to Lost Clans Warriors, also known as LCW! We are an active warrior cats RP website dedicated to being nice and kind to all of our members. We also expect you to respect us. We will be respectful to you no matter what, and always give you the benefit of the doubt. Please don't take advantage! 

Our Backstory

Long ago, there were six clans: The original four, BlazeClan, and SnowClan. The last two disappeared, and are known as the "Lost Clans" but they live on. And it's your turn to experience the Lost Clans and be a Warrior! 


  1. Be Respectful to all members. 
  2. Be Kind
  3. no advertising your site unless it's in the "Advertisements" forum. 
  4. no spamming
  5. Please make up your own warriors names
  6. Please report any rule breakers to the staff. 
  7. please try to be on at least once a week. 
  8. No Powerplaying 
  9. No cussing 
  10. Make sure to read all rules and guidelines before signing up! 

How to Sign up! 

On the Sidebar and Home page, there is a "Sign in or Register" button. Click it, it will lead you to a register page (if you don't already have a Webs ID) Fill out all of the boxes. Where it says "Birthday" enter the year as 2003 even if you were born later. You have to be13 to have a Webs ID, but this site is for all ages, so don't worry about it! 

All of this site's content is with respect to Erin Hunter, the owner of Warrior Cats. © 2016, all of this site's content is Copyright. Amberstorm is not the owner of Warrior Cats, she is a fan, and wants to help all Warriors fans live like the warrior cats, to escape into a virtual world and have fun!